8 High-quality Pillows from the Citizentry

Pillows are an essential part of any home decor. They add style, personality, and comfort to any room. The citizentry is a well-known brand offering handcrafted pillows that master artisans make with the finest materials. They make all made start-to-finish with fair trade standards. This article explores 8 high-quality pillows from the citizenry that’ll add a touch of comfort and elegance to your home.

1. Sonrisa Pillow

Brighten up any room with the warm colors of this beautiful throw pillow. Designers craft it with the inspiration from the intricate relief carvings found in sacred spaces throughout Peru. With the pillows coming with a blend of wool and alpaca, each pillow blends timeless style with total comfort.

2. Aventura Pillow

This pillow comes with incredibly thick yarns in shades of sand creating a simple but beautiful design. You can also style it with other statement pillows like Sueño, La Duna, or Catalina pillows.

3. Azalea Pillow

Traditional Mayan motifs and a striking color palette come together in this accent pillow. The meticulous brocade design is so detailed that it’s hard to believe it’s all achieved using a backstrap loom.

4. Sueño Pillow

The Sueno pillows come with a blend of alpace, and luxe wool. In addition, manufacturers woves each with plush, and attractive textural details in a modern block design.

5. Alisha Pillow

With the pillow coming from 100% linen and textural patterns, it’s one of the most stunning pillows from the brand. The manufacturers also intersected it with a rich olive and light grey base.

6. Domingo Pillow

Woven by hand from soft wool, each domingo pillow features a minimal palette naturally fitting for your couch. The textural patterns create a touchable style that can handle any snuggle sesh.

7. Agata Pillow

Featuring an attractive symmetrical pattern and geometric stripes, this pillow weaves together alpaca and wool to create a plush feel. Available in cool grey and light sand colors, these pillows offer a stunning look whether alone or when you style together as a pair.

8. Lago Pillow

This pillow comes with subtle curves and an attractive alpaca blend that makes it unique and appealing. If you want to make a statement, experts advice you not to look no further.

The citizenry offers a wide range of handcrafted pillows that come from the finest materials. From traditional Mayan motifs to modern block designs, there is a pillow for every taste and style. These options can help you add a touch of comfort and elegance to your home.

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